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R’vive Colon Purity Supports normal colon function by removing impacted faecal waste. It supports effective whole body detoxification through calcium bentonite clay and fulvic acid’s ability to draw and bind to toxins for efficient removal.

Contains: 375g powder


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Why is colon cleansing so important?

You are what you eat
You’ve heard the adage “we are what we eat”; well, the truth is that we are also what we do not expel from our bodies! Did you take a moment to think about that? Due to our modern refined diets, over years, old food wastes may start to accumulate in the gut. It has been documented that the average rural person on a natural high fibre diet holds 3 meals in his digestive tract while the average person on a refined Western diet holds 8 meals!

What’s the matter with my colon?
Accumulated wastes hinder normal digestion and peristalsis, slowing down the passage of food through the bowel.


What is in Liver Ally?
Psyllium Husk
Psyllium is a natural soluble fibre that swells in water. As it expands it forms a thick, mucilaginous, gluey-like gel. It has a number of benefits in regard to bowel cleansing and general bowel health. As a fibre it works like a broom and gently sweeps or pushes unwanted debris out of the bowel. The ‘sticky’ gel like substance it forms helps to draw colon wastes, toxins and bile salts to itself. Psyllium bulks up the stool, pressing against the bowel walls, stimulating peristalsis and normal bowel movements. Other benefits include acting as a pre-biotic and feeding the good bacteria in the gut, assisting in the reduction of cholesterol and balancing of blood sugar.

R’vive only uses certified organic Psyllium Husk as you cannot cleanse and heal the body on pesticides.


Customer reviews

“The products are doing well and I am excited to use them as I could feel the difference they made for me.”

– Ruth Nobellis – Colon Hydrotherapist and Naturopath, In Tune Health, Pretoria

customer-review-wihan“This is the second time that I have done the R’vive Colon Cleanse. The previous time I did the mild version where you still eat a controlled diet. It was very effective and I felt really good afterwards. This time however I was challenged to do the more intense liquid diet version. Which started out as a dare turned into a life changing event. I have never felt so good as when this cleanse was over. I was energetic, happy and had lost a few kilos of fat in the process. A testimony to the amazing change is the day after I finished someone, who I hadn’t seen in months, saw me and raved on and on about how amazing I looked and that my skin, and I quote, “is so radiant!”. I almost got uncomfortable by the way she raved on. The R’vive Colon Cleanse is amazing. The liquid version is a bit more intense, but definitely worth the 5 days of liquid-only if you can manage it. Whether you opt for the mild or deep cleanse you’ll still come off feeling great! During the liquid-only days I had an experience which I had hoped to have. I lost my mucoid plaque!!! Thank you so much R’vive team!”

– Wihan, Franshoek