Sprouted Buckwheat


  • Shelled buckwheat grains
  • Water

Nut milk bag OR sieve on top of a bowel OR sprouting bag OR glass jar with netting tied over the lid.

Place buckwheat in your sprouting equipment of choice. Soak buckwheat in water for one hour. Rinse thoroughly with clean running water. Let water drain off buckwheat (hang up nut milk bag/sprouting bag, put jars upside down at an angle or lift sieve on top of bowel) and leave to stand. Repeat this rinsing process 2 times a day. After 1-3 days (depending on how warm it is) you should see a small ‘tail’ growing out of the one side of the buckwheat. This is the start of the buckwheat sprout. The buckwheat is now ready for use but will go off quickly. Preserve the buckwheat by drying it out for 8-14 hours in a dehydrator at 46 degrees Celsius or on a oven tray at very low heat. The buckwheat will be dry, hard and crispy when ready. Store in a large glass jar in cool cupboard. Your buckwheat can now last you a few months.


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